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 this community is fantastic! i was just complaining about how there is absolutely no fandom for this fabulous show.

i've been watching and rewatching season 1-3 for the past month, and i cannot wait until the 4th season comes out on dvd. MAN.

and i'm lining up for one or two my boys fics, and i'll be sure to cross post them here!


My Boys season 2 & 3 on DVD: Giveaway!

My Boys season two and three are being released on DVD July 20th, 2010. To celebrate we have a sponsored giveaway: Giveaway! My Boys Season 2 and 3 on DVD
TBS Heads Back to Crowley's Tavern for Fourth Season of Acclaimed Comedy Series MY BOYS

Jordana Spiro Set to Return as Sports Columnist PJ Franklin, with Kyle Howard, Reid Scott, Michael Bunin, Jamie Kaler and Kellee Stewart Co-Starring as Her Tight-Knit Group of Friends

The beer will continue flowing at Crowley's Tavern as TBS orders up a fourth season of its critically acclaimed original sitcom from Sony Pictures Television, MY BOYS. The series stars Jordana Spiro (The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard; Must Love Dogs) as PJ Franklin, a 20-something sports columnist in Chicago. TBS has lined up nine episodes for the new season, which is slated to launch in 2010.

Co-starring in MY BOYS as PJ's mostly male group of close friends are Kyle Howard (Related, Orange County) as boyfriend Bobby, Reid Scott (American Dreams) as best friend Brendan, Michael Bunin (Scrubs) as Kenny and Jamie Kaler (The Family Stone) as Mike. Kellee Stewart (Guess Who?) co-stars as Stephanie, a former schoolmate and the only female influence in PJ's life.

"MY BOYS has consistently grown its audience of young adults through a combination of funny, smartly written scripts, high-quality production and an enormously talented cast," said Michael Wright, executive vice president, head of programming for TBS, TNT and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). "We look forward to working with the cast and crew on another successful season.".

MY BOYS premiered to critical praise on TBS in November 2006. When the series returned in summer 2007, it scored 22% growth among adults 18-34. Earlier this year, the show's third season garnered 11% growth among adults 18-34. MY BOYS is particularly strong among DVR users, delivering 72% growth among adults 18-34 and 52% growth among viewers when comparing Live to Live + 7 viewing for the third season.

At the center of MY BOYS is PJ Franklin (Spiro), who spends her days writing a sports column for a major Chicago newspaper and her nights hanging out with friends, playing poker or sharing drinks at their favorite hangout, Crowley's. During the series' third season, PJ and fellow sportswriter Bobby (Howard) finally began dating after he called off his marriage to a Swedish nanny.

PJ's gang includes Brendan (Scott), a DJ fired when his radio station changed formats, creating the opportunity for him to open a new club; Kenny (Bunin), the owner of a sports memorabilia store who has finally found his mojo with women; Mike (Kaler), a self-appointed ladies man who will try just about anything to get women to pay attention to him; and Stephanie (Stewart), who attended journalism school with PJ and recently became a relationship guru when her book was a bestseller.

Source: TFC
1& Danny Boyle
1& Je vais bien ne t'en fais pas
1& House md (+ gifs)
4& Emily Blunt
11& My Boys (only PJ/Bobby)
16& Party Down (only Henry/Casey)


(fake cut)

25 Ways to Kyle Howard - Icon/Userpics

The Rules:
=+= credit lifejack in keywords
=+= save to your own server
=+= to be used on lj only
=+= don't use them as a base for other stuff
=+= don't share it or list it as if it were your own

25 ways to the Kyle at my blog Lifejacket.
24 SCC


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Ever since madeitsimple mentioned in her picspam of the first Decathalon that clips of the episode were no where to be found, I've wanted to upload some videos of My Boys.

So here are videos of the first games decathalon (1x07 "Free Agent") and the second games decathalon (3x04 "Decathalon Part Deux"). Edited for time constraints and to remove PJ-relationship drama.

Enjoy! (Doing this made me want to organize a Decathalon of Games with my own friends, it looks like SO. MUCH. FUN!)


[001-009] My Boys 3x01/3x02
[010-023] The Office 5x21 (2 animated)

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I'm crazy about you

Apr. 6th, 2009

picspammy has a challenge for favorite scenes and I picked one of my absolute favorite scenes from My Boys! So check it out and enjoy :)

Chocolate Swamp, drink it up in the Chocolate swamp! I love Candyland!
Random picspam of the whole cast and some of my fav. lines from mid S2 to the premiere of S3. I just remembered how much I love this show and went overboard!

(SPOILERS for episodes 206 "Dudes Being Dudes" to 301 "Welcome Home")

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